Tuesday, August 01, 2006



My boss is away, and I am finding it completely impossible to get any work done. It sounds like dream vacation time, sort of, except all these damned people around the office keep bugging me. I feel like they would frown upon watching me slack off for three days, even though it is exactly what they're doing. It's one of those sucky things about being the responsible management type. I'm just not cut out for crap like this.

My own vacation starts in just two days, though, so I've just got to hold out for that, I guess.

I was bad and went on to the boy's myspace, which should be like major no-no, but happily he put up a new picture that makes him look like total crap, so it was probably a positive step for me... in a way, since I could look at it and say "yuck". Or maybe I'm just rationalizing. Whatever.

ok, so it's been a year - is your boss still away? is this all that we get? no closure? no happy ending? nothing?
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