Friday, May 12, 2006



Still don't feel great. Still coughing. Still not sleeping. Still pretty much not eating. I'm about as grumpy a kid as there is around.

And I absolutely have to buy a car tomorrow, a prospect which is sort of terrifying, but completely necessary before car rental fees eat away all the money I have to buy a car with.

Also, the shit is hitting the fan, again. It's not even exciting anymore. Just annoying.

Monday, May 08, 2006



So, after sleeping on and off for the entire day on Saturday, and then sleeping 12 hours Saturday night, I felt pretty well on Sunday. I talked to friends, went out car shopping, and had dinner with my pal Ross. By about 10 o'clock, I realized I had made some horrible kind of miscalculation about the state of my health.

I spent the whole night drenched in sweat, with a pounding headache and hacking cough, unable to sleep. I was forced to call in sick to work. I swear, I'm gonna lose my goddamned job.

I napped on and off throughout today, and have been taking every cough, cold, flu, fever, and congestion medicine I could get my hands on. But I still feel pretty awful, and I still can't manage to eat anything.

Also, my computer completely died, so I'm stuck home sick without even the internet to keep me company.

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