Friday, June 09, 2006



My stressed-out, overly emotional whatever you want to call it self is really messing up my life at this point. I did not sleep last night, because I couldn't get my mind to stop running. I don't mean I slept poorly or sporatically or even for a few minutes. I literally could barely even get myself to lie down last night, and didn't get a single second of actual sleep.

I've now been up for close to 28 hours at this point, and I still have a whole lot of workday to get through. I'm scared about attempting to drive home when I'm nearing the 36 hour mark. I guess life is sort of all about risks sometimes, right? I'm drinking coffee with extra caffeine from Coffee Bean, hoping it will get me through the day. Just crossing my fingers no important projects cross my desk, since the sleeplessness makes me even more useless than I've been the past couple of days.

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