Friday, June 23, 2006



I finally just up and deleted my myspace account. Remove temptation, as much as I can, you know? You have to go through all these "are you sure??? are you REALLY REALLY sure???" type of steps, but I just had to do it. I don't want to care about anyone who doesn't care about me anymore. And it's such a hard thing to force... I don't even really know how to do it but I have to try.
Because today is another day where I'm crying at work at my desk because of stupid shit that people who clearly don't care much about me, if at all, are doing. And I have to at least try to find a way to break away from that. I'm just completely melting down. Maybe in an hour or a day, I'll regret doing it. Probably so. I've got to do something, though. I've got to try to make something happen, make myself turn some kind of corner with this shit. Because I've been treading water, and making no progress at all for way too long, and I just can't keep doing that.

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