Monday, June 05, 2006



I'm in a very "everything is going wrong" kind of mood today. And granted, moreorless everything is going wrong. But the mood kind of makes it even worse. It makes it that much harder to control my more self-destructive impulses. I'm just having the hardest time keeping my head clear and focused on what is best for me.

It's officially been a week since I've talked to the boy. You'd think the first week would be the hardest, but instead I feel like it is just starting to get really hard now. Each day makes it tougher not to pick up the phone, not easier. I guess I can only hope there is a peak with this sort of thing, and then it will start moving in the other direction.

Dude, I TOTALLY know what you're talkin' about.

That's exactly how I've felt for basically this entire day.

Anyway, and I hope you feel better.
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