Thursday, May 25, 2006



Roommate is having a very bad couple of days, which is forcing me into the position of supportive friend. Forcing is probably not really the right word, even though "supportive friend" isn't a role she herself excels in so much. But, her plight is real enough and bad enough that I'm trying to put aside our myriad problems with each other at the moment and help her through it. I don't really feel like I can help it. But, because of that, I have no right to resent her for the fact that she wouldn't do the same for me, since it's my choice.

I had a hugeass fight with the boy last night. Some things never change, I guess. He doesn't try to interact with me - he doesn't want to deal with things. He just continually fucks up, and then tries to placate me. And it doesn't work anymore. It did, for a long time, longer than it should have, but I see through it now, and I think it's bullshit and I told him so. It wasn't very pretty.

But I'm busy with my friends for the next few days, so hopefully that will be good stuff. I'm seeing Alex for the first time in like a thousand years (or a couple months - whatever) tonight, and he's pretty great for fun and not letting me be a gloomy gus loser. And Tomorrow's Mack night, which I do a lot, but never fails to be good for my mental and emotional state.

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