Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Went to see Poseidon tonight, so now I'm all hyped up on disaster movie. Those things are as good as like five Coca-Colas to me. I don't know why - I've seen enough movies that the plots all fall into the same formulas and the endings are predictable from way ahead. Still, they almost never fail to get me all hyper and jumpy, and I'm left to enjoy the sugar high. Horror movies are often the same way. I like it, obviously, which is why I keep going back to these movies and spending my money on them. N ow it is time to sleep, though, so I can go to work in the morning, and instead, I want to hop around the apartment until my energy starts to fade.

Incidentally, the movie isn't very good as a movie, but does all the things that this type of movie are supposed to do, so it gives you what you pay for. If anyone was actually expecting the movie to be dramatically interesting or original, I don't know what to say to them. They must not go to the movies very often.

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