Tuesday, May 23, 2006



I have to fire someone today. All by myself. With no backup or boss to point at and blame. I feel so nauseous. This is not a task that I'm equipped for. I thought it was going to happen tomorrow, but since the person in question still hasn't gotten paid for her last pay period and is coming in to get cash this afternoon, I'll have to do it then.

She's dirt poor and needs this job. Of course, she's also a completely unreliable employee doing a job that pretty much consists of sitting around doing nothing. My boss is making the right call. Of course, he's also a chicken who is making me be the bad guy. How did I ever get to be the bad guy?

I'm so keyed up and full of negative energy that I sent a profanity-laden email to the boy about what a shitty friend he is. This is the kind of thing I do. When everything's fucked up, I fuck it up a little more.

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