Thursday, April 27, 2006



One of my co-workers can no longer come to work any more because his wife is insanely jealous and sure he is having an affair with one of the women in the office. She has jumped from merely being a nuisance with her constant calls and checking up on him, to being a full-blown psycho who insists that he can no longer work at this office because, get this, he gave one of the women in the office a ride to a meeting.
For this horrible offense, she even called in to instruct my co-worker, referred to in the call as "that bitch", to stay away from her husband. Then she called back and said we should never call him or expect to hear from him ever again.
I have to say, the whole thing makes me even more jaded about the whole marriage concept, because what can be good about a relationship that makes people so possessive, so mean, and so damned crazy. Is there even any possible that there is anything these like about each other if they trust eachother and respect eachother so little? How does one end up promising to spend your whole life with someone who treats them with such contempt and disrespect?
Plus, it sucks for us to lose Kamran as an employee, since he's totally our technical expert. But he's probably too busy having his balls cut off by his wife to actually have a job and all.

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