Saturday, April 29, 2006



Why, if I know that it is completely and totally stupid to obsess about the fact that ex boyfriend already has a new girl, can't I stop doing it? I spent the better part of last night, after I figured it out, crying and unable to sleep. And I should have known better. It's not like he was so devastated or even upset at all about our break-up. And even I've been okay, still. But then, of course, he's always got to show me up by doing that much better than me.
I mean, it's been a month - I guess that's a pretty long time, and it's not so shocking that he's with someone else. But it still stings. And what stings even more, is that I think I've figured out who she is, and, with a little stalking, I found that it looks for all the world like something was at least starting to go on between them five days after we broke up. Which isn't nearly so long as a month. And if it was already happenening then... Yeah, my mind is going to great places.

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