Saturday, April 15, 2006



So, last night I was watching a Netflix - You Stupid Man, a dumb romantic comedy, but one that stars my beloved Milla Jovovich. Which makes it a rare romantic comedy where I'm actually rooting for the protagonist girl to find love, since, as we all know, Milla Jovovich kicks major ass, and only good things should happen to her.

Well, I'd gotten nearly ninety minutes in, and had just watched the titular stupid man leave Milla after they had just finally gotten together to go back to his vapid ex-girlfriend. And... the DVD player dies. I try the dvd in our other household dvd player, and in my computer - no dice, the end won't play. I even tried again this morning on all three, and it still just won't work.

I think it figures that the one time I want to see the happy ending, it proves impossible. There is some greater meaning here, I can just feel it.

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