Tuesday, March 21, 2006



One of my co-workers has been considering quitting because she can not deal with the stress of the constant threat of bouncing paychecks. Yesterday was payday, and the place has been tense and unhappy all this morning, which is not the attitude that payday should bring, I think.
She's been calling employment agencies, and federal employment law offices, trying to figure out her options and my boss's responsibilities. She's stressed to the max and on the verge of tears. This decision, and it's ramifications are clearly weighing heavily on her.
She met with my boss, then left the office. He came in to see me, and shut the door. His take on her decision to leave all the accompanying drama: a shrug and "She's a high-maintenance broad, and I don't need those around."

I guess I'm a low-maintenance broad then. Good to know. Good to know.

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