Sunday, February 05, 2006



Stupid NFL referees are apparently all Steelers fans or something. The Seahawks were completely robbed.
I still had fun watching the games. My roommate was more into the commercials than the football, but she was a really good sport about it, and cheered and screamed with me. She decided she liked the Seahawks as well, because their uniforms had "snappy neon green stripes." Hey. Whatever works.

I also went and saw When a Stranger Calls this afternoon. I was expecting it to completely and totally suck, but it was actually sort of cute. Most PG-13 horror movies aren't worth a damn, but this one, while predictable, overly dependent on established horro cliches, and goreless, what sort of creepy and stylish. It was worth the matinee price I paid for it.

So, all in all a pleasant day... though it would have been a better one if the Seahawks had won.

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