Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Today was just a horrible and hilarious day at work. After realizing that paychecks are about to start bouncing again, I was pulled into a very long and serious meeting with my boss about the future of the company, and how things are going to be so very great in the end. I honestly do feel sort of bad for the guy. He's very old, and this is his plan for his future. It goes up in smoke, and he's got nothing.

I still don't want my paychecks to bounce, though.

Then I went out to dinner at Dolce with some of the girls from work, which was fun though overpriced. It had to be tough for Ali to celebrate her birthday while knowing that her paycheck is about to bounce, but we kept in decent spirits.

I shouldn't have to try to make the best out of this crappy situation, though. I should find a better situation.

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