Sunday, February 05, 2006



Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which is traditionally one of my favorite days each year. I have no Super Bowl parties to go to, and as it happens, no football fan friends to hang out with, so it probably won't be the most action-packed Super Bowl Sunday ever, but I'm pretty sure once I start watching the game, that won't matter so much anyway, because at heart, I'm a ridiculously over-the-top raving football fan, so I'll probably get caught up in the game, anyway.
My roommate, on the other hand, doesn't care much for football at all, but she's going to watch the game (while doing schoolwork) with me, just so I have someone to hang with. At least until her boy calls her to go out tonight, which probably won't happen until the second half anyway. It's a nice gesture. Sort of halfway, as things usually are with her, but I'm not looking for a fight, so I'll take it for what it is.
It feels a bit strange to not have the Patriots in the big game to root for, though. I think it'll be quite a mellower experience than the last two Super Bowls, during which I thought I was going to rip out my hair. But, since they are not there, I'm going to throw my support to the Seahawks, who I think are the better team, who are Alex's favorite team, and since everyone seems to be rooting for the Steelers, and that annoys me.

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