Saturday, February 25, 2006



Reasons I am afraid this weekend is not going well for my "not fucking up" resolve:

1. Ex boyfriend has a friend in town, so I can't see him and remind myself of how good and fun things are with him.

2. The boy has been calling and pulling me closer, then pushing me away again in that style at which he excels so. He called and basically begged me to come to this party tonight, then when I said I might, told me he's leaving early so he can hang out with his cooler people (and almost certainly his girl).

3. The lateness of my period is really starting to become alarming. I've been trying not to think about it, since I've never exactly been the kind of girl who can set her clock by her "monthly", but this is starting to get ridiculous. It feels so stupid and unnecessary to go do the pregnancy test thing - god, I haven't done that since undergrad - but it's getting close to the point where I might just fucking do it.

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