Monday, February 13, 2006



I went and got my taxes done today, so that is one less annoying thing I have to deal with. There are about a million of those nagging little things that I can't get off my to-do list at work, so it is nice to get one of the ones in my personal life out of the way.

After that, I was just exhausted, so I've basically done nothing all evening. I think I'm still trying to catch up after the weekend. Ex boyfriend called, but we only talked for a few minutes. Other than that, the phone hasn't even been ringing.

I think my roommate is mad at me for going out with ex boyfriend on Valentine's Day. It's just, once again, her being unable see anyone's position but her own. If she were still with her boy, there's no way she's pass up the chance to be with him to stay with me. On any day. Never mind the fake and commercial holiday that is supposed to be celebrating mushy lovey-doviness. So whatever.

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