Friday, February 24, 2006



So, I haven't been blogging lately. There are basically a bunch of reasons for this that are all the same reason - I don't want to fuck up.
Because if I blog, I feel like it is going to be largely about the boy. And, while that is somewhat therapeutic, it also keeps me thinking about him.
And he's seeing somebody else now. I've really cut down on my "stalking", I don't call him very much. I guess it is the point where I'm really supposed to be trying to get him out of my mind all together.
Also, I've sort of begun dating ex-boyfriend in earnest. It feels unfair to him to be keeping a blog where I am all angsty and sad about another boy's unwillingness to love me. And if he ever accidentally found the blog (I'm careful not to use too many names, but still....) I'd be seriously bumming. Because he is a good guy, a sweet guy, and I shouldn't screw it up.
The flipside is that I like to blog. It helps me clear my head and it's just sort of fun. So... I'm not really sure where that leaves me.

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