Monday, February 27, 2006



The boy never showed up at the party he begged me to go to, so he could see me. That was awesome. Didn't wound me at all. Of course, I ended up choosing not to go as well. I can only imagine the nuclear explosion my heart would have undergone if I had trekked to the party only to find that he was a no-show.

In retrospect, I think he so wanted me to go to the party, so that he could break to me that east side girlie is officially his girlfriend. (His myspace now confirms his "in a relationship" status.) I think it was much nicer finding out by seeing it on his damned myspace page, though. That's the touch that shows he really cares.

Oh, and I still haven't gotten my goddamned period. Which is upsetting me not quite as much as him having a girlfriend, showing that my priorities are still a little bit off.

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