Thursday, February 16, 2006



Had a very low-key unproductive evening. It was another nightmare of a day at the workplace, so I guess I needed the downtime.
I did spend a significant portion of the evening on the phone with ex boyfriend. I am almost feeling like I need to figure out what is going on there, which is sort of a dangerous feeling to have. I don't want to get too attached.
And, he's definitely helping me not obsess over the boy. Not just that, I really like being with him on its own terms as well. But that's all the more reason I have to watch out and make sure I don't start needing him.
I've been dependent on another person for my happy and sad, for everything, for too long already now. It's important that I get okay on my own. Which is sort of hard to do.

its been a week - where are you?!

i'm lost without my daily dose of cynicism and angst!
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