Friday, February 03, 2006



The boy called me yesterday afternooon. Said it had been a long time since we talked. He wanted to catch up. He missed me. He'd be around all afternoon.

So, stupidly, I called him back. He said he just happened to be busy right then, but I should call him in a couple hours, because he really did want to talk. I called back. He didn't answer. He didn't ever call me back, until late at night, when I was already in the movies, and he left a message saying that he'd have to call me some other day, since he was "out and about". Why bother calling at all, if you are going to say that.

Wow, he must have really really wanted to talk to me, huh? I can feel it. So stupid. For a minute, I thought he really missed me.

Well, I guess he's doing me a favor by reminding how much I can really hurt, so when I think I'm upset about other people and other things, I can remember him, and know that whatever I'm going through at that moment is barely a blip on the pain radar in comparison.

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