Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Another part of my new outlook on life is that when people make you feel like shit, you should let them know that they are doing that, and give them a chance to either change it or not. How they react should be pretty telling about how they feel about you.
I've had enough of this hoping people figure out how I'm feeling, or getting outraged that they don't see what they do to me. In the end it just frustrates me more, and does my relationships no real good.
I just don't see the reason to pull my punches any more, nor do I want to have more faith in people than they deserve. This seems like the best way to accomplish that. And if people fall by the wayside (and I have some good ideas which people will) as I continue developing my newer better me attitude, then they probably sucked in the first place, and I've been hanging on to their outdated friendship for too long anyway.

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