Wednesday, January 18, 2006



The boy called me without my calling or emailing him first tonight, which is pretty amazing. I was getting my nails done when he called, so I called him back when I was done. And he, of course, didn't answer, because that's just how he is. A few minutes later, my friend Alex, who I hadn't talked to in a long while, called. So, naturally, the boy called right then. And I didn't answer. Didn't even really feel tempted to, actually. I knew I'd rather talk to Alex and it wasn't even a hard decision.
So, that's progress, right? But, me being me, when I got off the phone with Alex, instead of leaving well enough alone, I called the boy. In my defense, Friday night is the basketball game, so I did need to talk to him to figure that out. As it turns out, he doesn't know what he wants the plan to be yet. But, in addition to a guy from school and his girlfriend going, one of the boy's eastside hipster friends and his girlfriend are going as well. So, I guess there's going to be some plan to get us all there together. It sounds like, and I'm just guessing, that we're just going to all meet in the eastside, with the boy and I driving separately, go to the game, and then go our separate ways.
I'm trying not to be too disappointed in advance, but it's a bit tough. I mean, I did this for him, and I shouldn't and don't expect anything out of it. I guess it is just that it isn't about him and me at all anymore, though. Not the game, not the getting to the game, and it doesn't seem like we're going to do anything after, either. So, that sort of sucks. Every sucky thing gets me one step closer to being able to not care, though, maybe.

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