Sunday, January 29, 2006



So, I went and did yoga tonight, which, for anyone who knows me, is about as unlike me as anything you could possibly think of. For the first ten minutes or so, I REALLY thought I was going to bust up laughing and be unceremoniously kicked out of the yoga place. But, actually, though it was pretty relaxing and cool, when it wasn't ridiculously difficult or unpleasant and painful. Mostly the relaxing and cool thing, though. Oh, but there was chanting. The chanting almost made me lose my shit.

I went with my friend Alex. He said it could be expanding my horizons and trying something new. All week, I've been totally scared to death and wondering why I ever agreed to go. But it really wasn't bad at all. I should know better than to think he would steer me wrong. He's one of those people you can count on, you know, so that the scary stuff (and anything remotely new is scary to me) isn't so bad.

So, yeah, I'm now a person who has been to yoga. Totally weird.

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