Monday, January 02, 2006



I'm currently reading Zadie Smith's book, On Beauty. I just got to this quote that I really really like, so I'm going to put it here. It's interesting, usually, I'm drawn to quotes that match the way I feel or have felt about something. This one is sort of the opposite of me, but I guess I like it for that reason. Sadness comes so easily to me, but anger is almost always unattainable. I do get angry sometimes, but it isn't a natural thing for me, the way sad is.

Anyway, here is the quote I like:

She could not do distress. Anger was so much easier. And quicker and harder and better. If I start crying, I'll never stop - you hear people say that; Kiki heard people say it all the time in the hospital. A backlog of sadness for which there would never be sufficient time.

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