Wednesday, January 04, 2006



I can't stop watching the damned Rose Bowl. I went out to dinner with my roommate and pouted until she agreed to go to a pub so that we could both eat and watch the game. It's just such a fricking good game, even though I'm sure the evil USC Trojans will probably ultimately prevail. Of course, even though I'm rooting hard for Texas (and can it be any surprise that I'm drawn to rooting for the underdog), even if they lose, I guess I can take solace in that it'll bum the boy out, which he deserves for treating me so crappy lately.
But then, when I get on that train of thought, it occurs to me that he is probably watching the game with a bunch of people who like neither him nor football nearly so much as I do. Who don't enjoy what they've got nearly as much as I would. And don't have as many interesting things to say about as I do. And I can pretty much guarantee that he doesn't miss anything for the lack of me. Even if he should, he doesn't. I've got to be more like him, so that the lack of him means nothing to me. Because THAT is how I should feel.

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