Sunday, January 15, 2006



So, obviously, the past few days have been rough ones. Maybe that explains the complete emotional breakdown I had after my dear Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs tonight. I mean, in best circumstances, that would make me really really sad, but I was basically inconsolable. My poor friend didn't know what to do with himself, though he of course tried his best to take my mind off of it. But, I'm just already so sad and beaten, this just felt like overkill in the things to make me sad department.
Also, I really love the Patriots players (yes, I know that makes no sense and yes, I know that I don't actually know them), so seeing them so off, missing catches they would normally make, fumbling left and right, and finally looking so heartbroken on the sidelines... it just amplified how crappy I felt about the loss itself.

I feel like I'm not going to like football for a little while, until my heart heals. I guess it is just as well. My friend Eric, who normally hosts the annual Super Bowl Party, has to be out of town for it this year, so it is not going to happen. If the Patriots were there, not having the party would have been a total bummer.

Final Note - just because my football love is wounded, my Patriots love is not. Every single player on that team, I adore them, whether they win or lose. I'm loyal to a fault in everything I do.

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