Tuesday, January 31, 2006



I'm not usually a huge Todd Solondz fan. His movies are certainly clever and impressively dark, but they usually just make me feel dark. But, I'm watching Palindromes, and I find it really appealing. It's just as dark and out-there as the rest, but it is also sort of sickly charming.

Right now, though, it is sort of distracting me from my usual OCD activities of myspace checking and freaking out about my phone's lack of ringing. Well, not completely, but I'm at least doing it slightly less anyway.

Seriously, I need a hobby or something. Or maybe I need like twenty more boys to obsess over, so they'll always be at least one that is being okay. It's not really my style, but then, my style isn't getting me anywhere good, now, is it?

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