Sunday, January 08, 2006



So, my car is in the shop. And I was walking back home from the mechanic, after I couldn't take waiting there any longer. It's a good five miles, at least, so I was pretty hot and tired. And the boy finally calls. After a week. He wants to act like nothing's wrong, like he's not an asshole who appears to have forgotten my existence altogether for the last week. When I tell him what's going on with my car, he asks me why I didn't call him for a ride home.
And it was seriously like the most painful thing he could have said. Like I'd rely on him to do my a favor? Like he's a person I can trust when I need help? He doesn't even return my calls anymore, but oh yeah, he's the person I want to turn to. How can be possibly be so oblivious to the change in how things between us - he's the one who's fucking instigating it, and then he's going to act like he doesn't notice??
Of course, immediately after that, he had to go. We were on the phone for a total of maybe ten minutes. No mention of seeing eachother, no mention of fucking anything.

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