Sunday, January 29, 2006



I went to see Imagine Me & You tonight. I saw it with my friend Eric, who cries at anything that merits crying at. His eyes stayed dry. Mine most definitely did not. I haven't cried at a movie in a very long time.
It's a love story, in which a newly married woman falls in love with another woman, and has to decide whether she can live as a lesbian, and whether she can leave her husband. I think the reason it made me so very sad is pretty much an even 50-50 split between the fact that I would naturally identify with the poor husband, and the fact that the script doesn't dodge the issue of how much it hurts this guy that he's losing the person he loves.
It's just so me, that as the whole theatre is cheering the women's first kiss, I'm feeling like my heart is breaking for the guy who is about to have his world imploded.
So, yeah, I'm a big crybaby. But at least it wasn't about my own screwed up life, for a change.

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