Monday, January 16, 2006



I'll talk more about last night with the boy, and the conclusions it has led me to later, but a real highlight of the night... the boy mentioned a name that he might like to give to his baby some day. I, of course, pointed out that he fact that he has said time and again that he doesn't want to have kids. And he answered, "well, if I keep having unprotected sex with these girls, it is bound to happen. Speaking of that, I should really go to the doctor."

Naturally, I want to start choking at this point. Instead, I just noted that I thought it was truly lovely of him to have unprotected sex with a girl he thought of as so sketchy that the fact that they'd been together makes him feel like he needs to see a doctor. And he said, "in my defense, I didn't think she was that dirty until after the fact."

I guess I should root for him to keep saying things like that, because as much as they might hurt, they are bound to destroy the last of my affection for him once and for all.

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