Monday, January 02, 2006



Earlier, I posted a quote from the book I'm currently reading, On Beauty by Zadie Smith. Tired and out of it from my drinking adventure last night, I've pretty much stayed in bed reading it all day. I read a lot, just picking whatever looks good to me at Amazon and trying to finish every one I get, whether or not they really strike a nerve with me. This book, though, even though it doesn't necessarily reflect on anything I'm going through in my own life right now, is just astoundingly good.
Usually, a good book, I just fly through, and while I'm going through it a fair click, I'm also trying not to jet too fast, because I'm enjoying it so much. I know I'm going to be sad when I'm through with it. It is actually succeeding in taking my mind away from my own life quite well, which is a pretty astounding feat.
So, yeah, that's it. I just wanted to rave a little bit.

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