Tuesday, December 20, 2005



When I talked to the boy earlier, he said he might call me after the Mavericks' game to gloat. So, of course, I had intended to watch the damned thing on TV, so I could banter effectively. Well, it wasn't on my tv (I don't have cable), so for the last few hours, I have had the nba.com website up on my computer screen, so I could check the progress of the game, see how his team did, and know when it was over.
Now, granted, his team got their asses handed to them. So, really, there isn't anything for him to gloat about. But as soon as the game was over, don't you know that my eyes went expectantly to my cell phone. Like he's really going to call. I never do learn my lesson, do I? Oh well, I guess it used up a part of my attention for a while.

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