Sunday, December 11, 2005



He says I'm apocalyptic. Nobody else calls me that, though I don't doubt that some of my closer friends would agree with the sentiment.

I say he is a liar. And I know nobody who really knows him would question that.

I think it shows how close we are that we say these things straight out to each other. Of course, the way we don't pull any punches doesn't necessarily make the path to being with each other any smoother or easier to follow.

I'm sure he'd probably prefer a girl who wouldn't question or challenge him, only tell him how wonderfully cool he is. He is "cool"; I admit it. I just tend to think of that as one of his weaknesses rather than a strength.

And I guess I feel like the best selling point I have is that I know who he really is and love him just like that, flaws and all. I wish that he saw it that way. For some stupid reason, though, he just doesn't.

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