Monday, December 26, 2005



So, I'm back to L.A.

My horoscope for tomorrow said it would be a bad time to bring in confrontation, and although I don't really believe in such things, it seemed to me to indicate that I should force a confrontation on the boy today, so it wouldn't be held until tomorrow, a bad day for it.
So, shortly before I got on the plane, I texted him, and just said, "You haven't been returning my calls. Why are you mad at me?" or something like that. When I finally deplaned six hours later, I had a voicemail from him, in which he basically just said, "I'm calling you." I called him back and he was totally unapologetic. And he's all like, "I should have remembered you require special attention." I don't think I was asking for that. I think I was asking for basic consideration, that I would have expected (and I really think, would have gotten) from any of my other friends. But he makes it seem like I'm being a high maintenance beeyotch, instead of realizing he would have saved himself a lot of grief and me a lot of sadness if he had just been decent in the first place.
I'm extremely frustrated. I really don't think I was expecting too much. When I finally calmed down a bit, because I realized that I was never going to get the apology I feel like I deserve from him, he tells me he is coming back to town tomorrow because he's got "people to see and things to do". I, almost certainly, don't fit into that category. He asked for a ride home from the airport, but it is at a time I can't do it. So he said, "Never mind, I'll get one of my hos to do it." I know it was partly a joke, but it makes me hate him a little bit more right now. Of course, we all know I'll get over it, like the big pathetic doormat that I am.

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