Wednesday, December 28, 2005



My friends are just not calling me these days. I'm not fighting with them, and they certainly aren't ignoring me or being mean. I think they're just busy, and I also think I'm looking to them more than I might usually, since I am trying not to keep calling and trying to get the boy's attention when he's being such a shit. So, it isn't fair of me. But, I'd just like love for them to start calling and asking me to hang out, because now would be a particularly good time for that for me (though I'm always happy to see them, of course) - and at this exact time, is when they are all off doing their own thing and the calls and emails aren't coming at all, or at best, at a teeny tiny trickle.
That's life. I'm still holding up okay right now, but I fear I'll start sinking into my sadder tendencies soon.

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