Saturday, December 31, 2005



I went out with my roommate last night, since things have pretty much come to an end with her boy, and she felt like she needed to be out of the house. I felt like not getting out of bed, but we do what we have to do for our friends, right?
I tried, stupidly to get at least a little food in my stomach before we left, just like a little bit of pasta, so I then felt moreorless completely nauseous the whole time we were at the bar. But, it wasn't too crowded and the DJ played good music, so it could have been worse.
Mostly, though, which just sat there sulking, each about our own shit. What a wild Friday night. We're hanging out again tonight, for New Year's Eve, so that seems real promising.
Before I went out, I was talking to Alex. We agree that I shouldn't even want to talk to or hang out with the boy these days, since he pretty much says not nice things to me and treats me like crap all the time. It's like, it should be human nature, a natural defense mechanism, to not want to spend time with someone who is only bad for you and bad to you. What is wrong with me? Why don't I have that?

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