Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Here's why things are never going to change:
I wanted to hang out with the boy sometime this weekend before he goes home for the holidays. He decided that there were more important or fun things to do all weekend. So I get tomorrow night. And I wasn't happy about it, and he knew it.
But, I decided I had to let that go, and make the best of it, since it is my only chnace to see him before he goes.
I KNOW he isn't getting me a present at all, and didn't want anything from me. But then, I thought, you know, Dallas comes back into town to play the Clippers. And tickets really aren't TOO expensive. And I just couldn't help myself, so I bought them.
I know full well he will be more annoyed with me than he will be grateful, but I also know the tickets will make him happy, so I couldn't stop myself.
I can't not do things for him. And he can't do things for me.
Rock on.

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