Sunday, December 11, 2005



So, when I was on the phone with the boy earlier, he hung up really abruptly. Like, "Okay. Bye. (Click)." Super fast. And I wasn't really that thrown by it. I even considered that he got another call, and was okay with that possibility. I do know that he has other friends.
But now, I see that he hasn't checked his Myspace at all since early afternoon, just before he called me. He had said he was going to be working on finishing his paper all day today, then starting to study for his German final. If he were at home, working on a paper, working on his computer, he would be checking his Myspace hourly. That's just how it goes. Even my far-less-analytic-of-every-move-he-makes friends agree that it means he ended up doing something else.
But now, though I've put it off all day, my mind is finally getting around to the "who called... where did he go... what is he doing" questions that are likely to drive me completely insane. To me, he was busy and doing work. To them, he was available to come out. This stuff just gets to me.
I lose it when I don't see or talk to him, then I lose it based on the things he does and say when I do. It's a great way to be, huh?

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