Thursday, December 08, 2005



About this time last year, I was sort of halfway-dating, though really more just fooling around with an old boyfriend of mine. The kid was a total alcoholic, and a bit of a druggie, and had spent some time in jail for domestic assault, but was really really good looking and could be a lot of fun when he wasn't completely out of control.
Well, he eventually got back together with the pretty little bulimic girlie girl he had been arrested for assaulting months before, and our association ended. A few months later I got an email from her accusing me of sleeping with her fiancee, which is interesting and not quite right, but whatever. It's strange to me that you get back together with the person you get thrown in jail, but to each their own.

Well, out of idle curiosity, I checked her AOL profile to see how they were doing, and it says something like, "with my lovely man. i LUV him so much". And... how do THESE people get a happy ending and I don't?? Am I really less deserving? Wow. That is a tough one to take.

It probably won’t end happily. It stinks of denial from that little girlie girl.

And that has nothing to do with you being less deserving!!!

All I would say, there is no “just one Mr Right out there” But there are loads of good guys that are human and not perfect creatures.
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