Wednesday, December 14, 2005


lies and other stuff

So, I don't know why I ever believe him at all. He specifically told me he was not doing anything tonight except cleaning his house and hanging out by himself.
THEN WHY HASN'T HE CHECKED HIS MYSPACE! If he were home, he'd be checking. And this time, it isn't just Myspace being stupid. He didn't have to tell me he wasn't doing anything, so why did he? Aaargh.

Plus, he emailed me about his Christmas present and said, "Man, I hope you enjoy going to the basketball game, because I will accept no Xmas presents from you, as wonderful and perfect as it might be." So, that sucks, too.

I hate it when he makes it hard to believe that everything will work out okay in the end.

I had dinner with Alex tonight. He pretty sweetly acts like he doesn't think I'm a total lunatic, even though he has in the past stated that I'm wasting my life. Which my roommate recently seconded. I hate how harsh that sounds. The best thing about Alex is that he can mostly tell me what he honestly thinks of me and my obsessive love for the boy, without making me feel like a dumbass loser or an unfun person. Not many people can pull that off. I'm lucky he sticks around despite my one-track minded insanity.

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