Saturday, December 31, 2005



Just to add to my lack of desire to go out on New Year's, which I generally do find to be a bit depressing, especially considering my constant lack of a boyfriend, it is now pouring rain here in Los Angeles. Which means that driving is going to a bitch, that it's going to be freezing cold tonight, and that wherever we end up, I'm going to be wet and uncomfortable. Also, I can't be a Miss Priss and straighten my hair, (because it would just curl up again as soon as the rain hit it) so I'm going to have to go out in public with my hair curly for the first time in months, which makes me feel insecure for some reason.
All of our potential plans are inherently flawed, anyway. Our options are:
1. To go to a bar that the boy I'm in love with frequents, so there is a chance we will see him with his New Year's Date, which will probably drive me to suicide.
2. Go to a party that is hosted by a friend of friend of my roommate who I don't care for at all
3. Go to my ex's party, which is all the way down in Redondo, which is too far.

So, they all suck, kind of. I think we are likely to try the bar. And I'll just have to cross my fingers that he will be somewhere else, somewhere far far away and I won't see him.

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