Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Oh, so last night, I was chatting with my ex-boyfriend online. And I haven't seen him in a while (plus, as mentioned, I am trying hard to fill my life with non-the-boy-I-am-in-love-with things) so I was pushing him to get together. He wasn't really biting, though, and said he is just way too busy all the time.
Well, he got into a fight with one of his other ex-girlfriends a few minutes later, apparently, and called and asked if I wanted to have dinner, though he didn't have much time and it would have to be fast food. I said that was fine. We realized that Arrested Development was on, so he picked me up for In-n-Out, and we went and ate while we watched the show at his house. I knew he had work to do, plus he had been kind of paying me weird compliments, so as soon as the show was over, I started getting ready to head out. He asked me if I wanted to see his vacation pictures, though, so I said yes. As soon as I sat down at the computer to look at the pictures, he handed me some pot. Now, who is going to say no to that? Besides people who don't smoke pot, I mean. So, we got high, which is fun and fine and all, but for the highness I had to pay the price of a) his kind of strange and weird stand-up routine behavior and b) a 90 minute presentation of his vacation photos set to music (i.e. surfing pictures went with a surfing song, sunrise pictures went with a song about the sun, etc. etc). Then, he started going through his email inbox showing me spam emails he had received that he thinks are funny. I couldn't take it anymore, and said I didn't want to sit and watch him read his emails anymore. (I should note that I really was quite high, and at that moment, I was convinced he was deliberately trying to make me be bored and miserable - thank goodness I didn't say that out loud.)
So, he took me home and he was still being really weird and singing, and I really thought I was going to have to fend off an advance from him. When we got to my house, he just kept going and going and I couldn't rudely get out of the car.
Then, he told me that he has a date on Friday night. So I said I thought that was great. And he kind of hemmed and hawed, and told me it wasn't a first date at all, it's a date with his new girlfriend.
That's great. I'm fine with it. But I seriously need to re-evaluate my ability to read people at all if the whole time I was like, "uh oh, he's gonna hit on me", he was actually being nice and offering me drugs and stalling because he was scared to tell me he had a girlfriend.
He's a great guy, and I hope he is happy with the new girl. So long as he doesn't completely ditch me now that the has a chickie, I really don't think I have anything to be upset about. Except, of course, that he is one more person who is not me who is happy. Blah.
I guess it is partly because I am so impossible to please, but that doesn't really make me feel any better.

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