Wednesday, November 02, 2005



Had dinner with the boy and shockingly didn't fight at all, which was nice. The bar we were eating at was super loud and I am ridiculously deaf, but we got by anyway. He had colored over all the comments people put on his cast, so not only did I NOT get to sign it, I didn't even get to see other people's comments. Which I find to be lame, but not worth a fight.
I straight out told him I had sex, though I used Alex's favorite euphemism to describe the deed. And it's a charming way of saying had sex, but certainly not an obscure or strange one. The boy's response: "What does that mean?" So incompatible to him are the image of me and the notion of sex, that he can't make sense of the two of them together in the same sentence. I just don't know what to do to change that. Ugh.
He says there are more people like him in NY. Which I guess means hipsters. Blecch. I don't like the influence they have on him.

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