Tuesday, November 29, 2005



My roommate was going on about her new boy. She's scared it will end, and she doesn't know when. Not necessarily today, or any time soon, but odds are that it will end eventually, and that idea is really upsetting her. And instead of being an understanding and good friend, I kind of flipped out on her.
I told her it made no sense not to enjoy what she has just because she might not have it forever. She asked me not to be so critical, but I just burst into tears and reminded her that I'd do just about anything to have 5 minutes of what she's got with her drum teacher with the boy I'm in love with. She says she knows, and she tries to remember that, but I don't think she really does.
I really would be so happy if I could just have him for the shortest time. Of course, I'd rather be with him like forever or whatever fairy tale measurement of time you prefer, but I'm so jealous of her five minutes that I could melt. Regardless of whether it works out for her or not, or how long it ends up lasting. I guess I'm a pretty crummy person.

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