Friday, November 18, 2005



... and I hate him again.

I had emailed the boy a list of choices of things to do for tonight, and he totally emailed me back, non-answering about how he wants to drink alcohol and that was about it.

I decided, for a change, to make him call me to figure out what the hell we are going to do, since I'm annoyed with him, and it really shouldn't be this difficult.

He calls be back DRUNK AT A BAR AT 5:30. Already, I'm kind of mad. He says he doesn't know why I didn't write him back about tonight, which makes NO SENSE AT ALL. And now, he wants to like... do nothing. Go to a crappy hamburger restaurant in his neighborhood, and that's it. And he doesn't want to do it for a few hours yet, so he can stay at the bar and drink with his friends more.

I want to chuck him through a wall. I'm so mad I want to cry.

He's a total fuckwit.

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