Tuesday, November 08, 2005



Today at work never got better, and by the time I left was a walking timebomb. Instead of throwing a big fit at the first person foolish enough to approach me, though, I decided to try to be positive.
So, my things to be happy about from this evening:
I went shopping and found the new Dressy Bessy CD used for only 5 dollars.
I ate tons and tons of bad for me food from The Pig for dinner.
I managed to straighten my hair in only 45 minutes, down from about 2 hours last night.
And I watched Northfork, which wasn't a perfectly great movie, but was really pretty to look at.

I'm still doomed to go back to my cruddy work tomorrow, and no day that I don't talk to the boy can be all that good. But I'm surviving. For now.

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