Wednesday, November 30, 2005



I am in total can't eat, can't sleep, can't concentrate mode about the boy right now. Who is she? This fricking mystically fabulous girl capable of raising his interest. I have a few finalists, and I already hate them plenty, but I'm driving myself crazy. It's funny. He's dated other girls before, and once I am used to them, I'm okay. It is that first realization that there is a girl, one he likes, one he could potentially like better than me, that floors me each and every time. I hate it so much.
Crackhead thinks I just have a talent for following around boys who don't return my feelings. He compared my passion for unrequited love, lust or whatever to his own passion for playwriting. Which makes him a creative talented person and me a pathetic loser, I guess. Whatever. To each their own. We all need something to be about.
I'm sort of kidding there. I don't believe I love the boy just because I'm so pathetic. I really do believe he is the right boy for me, and I love him because of that. I just go about it in a pathetic manner.

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