Tuesday, November 15, 2005



So, I was a totally good girl tonight, which probably doesn't make for all that exciting of a blog entry, but almost certainly is the best thing for my mental health. My ex-boyfriend came over, we went to the movies and saw Bee Season (which is almost mind-numbingly bad, by the way), had dinner, then came back to my place so he could do various handyman projects for me. I appreciate it enormously, since I suck at all such projects, and it makes him happy to feel macho and manly. So, it's win/win.

And there was no alcohol and no drugs, so nobody could do anything stupid. I mean, I guess I don't need alcohol or drugs to do stupid stuff. I've been known to pull a bonehead move totally sober, too. But tonight, it was all good. So hopefully I can get restful sleep that it isn't clouded all up with thoughts of yuckiness. Maybe. Of course, I have a pretty good reserve of bad choices to pick from lately, so one night of being good might not turn the tide.

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