Saturday, November 12, 2005



So, apparently, I wasn't the only one noticing all the flirtation between the boy I'm love with and those little first year girls last night. His class had a meeting today, and from what I've heard, just about everyone was teasing him about it. I guess the group of people who went karaoke-ing picked up a bottle of maker's mark at this kid Daniel's house and continued getting bombed through the night. He says he didn't hook up with any of the girls, but he also doesn't remember which one of them gave him a ride to his car, or the drive home itself. So who the hell really knows, right?
I guess as much as people were teasing him, he was really uneasy with the topic and didn't give up much of anything about what did happen after they shifted venue.
This is all secondhand, but I highly doubt he is going to be more forthcoming with me about his lovelife than he was with his other friends. I usually get least of all of this stuff, for obvious reasons.
I hate these flirty pretty younger girls. I know it makes sense for them to want him because he is adorable and awesome, but I hate them anyway.

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